Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick Review & Swatches

Needless to say I fell instantly in love with the formulation of these two shades, and with almost all of the Drugstores having BOGO 50% off, I had to test out a few more.
In this post I'm going to review the colors separately and then the line as a whole; pros, cons and the whole shebang.
P.S. I do hope you find the swatches helpful. By no means am I on the level of Temptalia and her photography, but I do feel it's not too shabby for my first up-close lip swatch debut. ;cD
Heavenly is a neutral pink shade. I'd certainly wear this color for every day wear. Colors I'd say are in a similar color category (not dupes) would be YSL #2 Rouge Volupte and MAC's Blankety. I would say Heavenly is less mauve and more rose based than the other colors mentioned.
Sultry is a neutral to mid-toned brown shade with a hint of peach. I see this being the perfect nude for darker skin-tones. Colors that are similar in this color family would also be YSL #2 Rouge Volupte and MAC Blankety, but this is a little darker and slightly more brown.
Divine is simply, well, Divine!! It's a strong violet based pink lipstick. The photo is showing the violet tone more than what I see on my lips in person. Apparently this is a dupe to MAC Violetta, which makes perfect sense.
Fairytale is a coral that errs much on the peach/orange side with the slightest hint of red base. This reminds me somewhat of MAC's chatterbox.
Temptress is kind of similar to Fairytale, but doesn't sway to the peach side and therefore stays more to a true bright coral.
Kiss is a light peachy bronze shade. I currently can't think of a lipstick I have similar to. The frost is tolerable in this shade. I do like it.
Sweetheart is my least favorite shade. It's a baby rose based pink with intense frost. I'm not opposed to frost or a metallic finish, but this is too intense and unflattering on me. It washes me out quite a bit aside from the overbearing finish.

1. Incredibly long lasting
2. Full, opaque coverage (mainly with the cremes/creams)
3. Vast shade selection
4. Luxurious packaging
5. Applies very smoothly - doesn't settle into fine lines
6. Almost undetectable scent. The scent I faintly smell has a hint of vanilla, similar to MAC. Some claim there is no scent, it's that subtle.

1. Somewhat difficult to remove
2. A little drying even though they appear moisturizing
3. Frosts can be overbearing, so buy with caution.

Overall, I can confidently recommend you try these lipsticks. I can't believe such a smooth wearing lipstick can wear all day as if it were a lip stain. The packaging is absolutely incredible and reminds me of Hourglass packaging with the high shine pewter packaging. LOVE!