Friday, January 28, 2011

Rock Bottom.. Literally! MAC's Mineralized Skinfinishes

A few months ago I was rearranging my makeup stash and had a few of my MSFs in a container moved out into the kitchen so I could spread things out and organize things more efficiently.
Well, this was a BAD idea! I dropped them as I was walking, tripped, and they crashed to the floor pretty violently (funny image yet? LOL). I lost Petticoat, somewhat Porcelain Pink, Refined, and the one in the photo below, which is Cheeky Bronze.
Cheeky Bronze was not only my favorite of all of them, but it was also the most damaged from this Boo Boo!
What I find interesting, and why I'm even posting this, is the pan. At first, I kept thinking I could fix the cracked part onto the base somehow and continue using it. I had NO idea that was the clay base on which they're baked (or I assume that's what it's for).

As you can see, the clay base takes on the color and everything of the MSF making it appear as if it's part of the actual product.

Below is a photo with the cracked part lifted. You can see the clay disk in more detail, including the thickness of it.

This upcoming photo is what really intrigued me. I always thought to myself, "I'm spending that extra dough, ($28 for ones like I'm showing.. I have the MSF Natural which is $26, but I think they've got a normal metal aluminum pan/base) I guess I can rationalize the price because you get LOADS of product".

Well, once the dome broke off my Cheeky Bronze and discovered the clay pan, I realized that the dome, and therefore all of the product, is quite superficial and therefore doesn't go very deep into the packaging.
(photo be low- left, soft n' gentle/right, cheeky bronze)

I will say, it's not far from the truth as you get much more than a blush that's around 5-6g for $18 and the MSF is 10g, but compared to higher end blushes, (considering people see MAC as more midrange) it really isn't the BEST deal.

As evidenced by the photo above, the MAC MSF looks far more substantial, if you will, than the Benefit Coralista. However, Coralista comes in 11g, so 1g more than the MSF at the same cost.

By no means do I dislike my MSF's, and I will more than happily pay the price tag as they're beautiful to look at and get much use, but I now feel the MSF packaging is a little misleading.

Also, does anyone know why the MSF Natural doesn't have this clay base like the Special MSF's?