Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olay Pro X Cleansing System vs. Clarisonic

Is the Olay Pro X Cleansing System a good alternative to the Clarisonic?

In my opinion? YES!
Does this mean I regret getting the Clarisonic? NOPE!

However, and in all honesty, I am glad I have both. Here are the Pro's and Con's of each product below:

Olay Pros over the Clarisonic:
1. It has a full and circular oscillating motion which moves debris more so than the Clarisonic, in my personal opinion.
2. It's extremely compact and much more ergonomic (and therefore more comfortable to hold) in terms of the grip for holding during use.
3. Sticking with the subject of size, the brush head maneuvers perfectly (and better than the Clarisonic I may add) in crevices around the nose, etc.
4. The bristles are very gentle, but effective. My new favorite thing to do is to mix a glycolic and pumpkin peel by thesourceskincare (link to the pumpkin and glycolic enzyme peel) with St. Ives Green Tea scrub and use the Olay to move it on my face. It's gentle enough that it doesn't scratch my face, but helps move the product around and remove dead skin cell debris. I do this only once a week.

5. The brush head doesn't splatter near as much as the Clarisonic!
6. I've not broken out using the Olay.
7. It seems to clean up much easier than the Clarisonic. However, using makeup remover will do the trick if either brush heads get residue.

Clarisonic Mia Pros over the Olay:
1. No battery issues (buying new ones over and over or having to use rechargeables). The Mia comes with a magnetic charge adapter which is convenient and more environmentally friendly.
2. It's completely waterproof. I don't think the Olay one is as rugged in that regard.
3. It has a timer so you don't over work your skin.
4. It has multiple brush head options unlike the Olay. I have both the normal and sensitive, but there is an even more gentle one called delicate.
5. The brush head comes with a cap to protect the bristles, where the Olay doesn't.

Now, in terms of refinement of my pores and smoothing the texture of my skin, I think both have delivered in that regard. I've not seen any miracles by any means, but dyspigmentation (brown spots) and other discoloration issues have waned quite a bit.

Overall, I love both of these products, but if you're on a budget the Olay one almost as good, and in some instances better than the Clarisonic. Both have their strengths!

Price of the Olay: $27-$30
Price of replacement brush heads: $9-$10 (it's recommended to replace them every 2-3 months, but I'll go based on how frayed or splayed the bristles get)
Where You Can Buy: Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and some Grocery Store Chains